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It seems like quite some time ago now, that I began writing stories - which quickly grew into one book - then two - and soon into a whole world! All in an effort to introduce our daughters and their  friends to the wonderful world of fantasy.

Many people have now read the first book, and the responses have been wonderful. They have also been kind enough to ask for more, which is something every author hopes for!

For those visiting for the first time, please note that these adventures were initially written for  young teens, but several adults have assured me they are worth a read by grown-ups too! 

With all this encouragement, I just might pluck up the courage to send them off to a publisher oneday!

In the meantime, I have provided the first three (3) chapters of  THE LAST WARLOCK (1st of the MAGIC RETURNS trilogy) in PDF format, to tempt you into (hopefully) wanting more. To receive the entire book in PDF  format, simply use the buy buttons below, and receive it via e-mail.

I realize I may be taking a chance putting these out in a format,  that can be easily copied, but am trusting that those who visit my  website will respect copyright laws, and refrain from 'passing along'  copies of my book. Although the single copy may be loaned - just like  a regular book - we hope you will refer others to this site instead.

These PDF downloads are only $5/CDN each,  so hopefully they are an indulgence everyone can afford!

Download Book 1

 'The Last Warlock'


Love the first one? Want more?

So many of you have been kind enough to ask for further adventures by my young companions from Book One - The Last Warlock, that I am now offering  the second book in this trilogy, in PDF format. 

The second story concludes the adventure begun in Book One, while Book Three  (coming soon) will look at the three friends (and maybe an old enemy or two), a few years later! Here's the preview, hope you enjoy it!

Download Book 2

 'Kings Keep'


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