We sometimes get pics of unusual finishes - or just proud "I did it" pics - from stitchers, so we thought we'd set up a page to show off your work to the world!  If you have an unusual finish to one of our projects - or if you just want to share the great job you did - send us a photo and a short blurb, and we'll be happy to add you to the gallery!  Note that the most recent entries are at the top of this blog, and you may also add comments...

Pat (from Scarboro) did the following fabulous finish for a friend in Florida (wow, how's that for alliteration, LOL?).  It was a wedding gift, and as you can see, she finished it with a gorgeous hemstitch (one of her favorites).  She painted a piece of dowel black, and even made the hanging cord herself, from DMC black - way to go Pat!

We met CAROL CHRZANOWSKI at the Creativ Festival in Toronto, where she purchased LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS to stitch for a beloved grandchild.  She wanted to share the finish with us, and we see she used footprints, rather than handprints on her version.  Carol says "I could not get my grandchild's handprint, so decided on the foot before she outgrew the space!  I think it turned out great, and is admired by many visitors."  Thanx Carol, we think it looks great too!


MARSHA STIEVA wanted to thank us for providing the perfect gift for a departing minister (I AM).  She says "... they loved it, and it was a great way to say "Thanks / Farewell / Congratulations on the new house!"  We are happy to have been part of this special gift.


Our good friend Vicki (at DRAGON LAIR BEADS) likes to purchase our designs and work them in beads (!), however the picture she sent us wasn't one of her pieces, but one of her customers, so kudos to KAREN WRIGHT, for a great finish! 


I'd love to see someone knit this design into a sweater - a graph is a graph, as long as the stitch size is reasonably square, he could be worked either as intarsia (knitted right into the sweater), or embroidered on top.  The stitch size is important, as a lot of knitting tends to have tall skinny stitches - which could make your dragon look a wee bit odd, LOL.  Anyone want to take on the challenge?

The first person we're pleased to feature is JOAN MCINTOSH.  Joan took our MILK DRAGON LITTLE LEAFLET, and created this adorable "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for her new baby!

Joan also took an ADVANCED HARDANGER class I taught, and finished the MOTHER CAT & KITTEN project.  This Hardanger design has LOTS of unusual stitches in it, and Joan added to the unusual look of the piece by using contrasting floss and fabric (Hardanger is traditionally worked color on color - for example, white on white).  Good work Joan!



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