We are home England, where we had a wonderful visit with our youngest DD, and had the enormous privilege of getting to know our new grandbaby, and we're quite taken with her, LOL.  We were there from about week 10 to just before she turned 3 months old, and her mom kept telling people that Reem Audrey ALMOST weighed as much (at 3 month of age) as SHE did when she was born (our youngest was 9lb 13 oz at birth... but that's nothing, LOL, our first born was 10lb 5 oz!). 

Anyway, we had a great time, got up to London for a day trip, which we generally manage each time we visit... and we went to Dover for seafood one day... and our oldest came for a visit a couple days before we left, so we got to overlap and have a whole-family vacation together before heading home (Adriane stayed to visit for another couple weeks).  That way Katie and Alaa weren't totally overwhelmed with family, LOL, the girls got a good visit w/o the folks, and Katie had the most help for the longest time!  We are quite fortunate in how close our girls are - they lived together at University, and have matching tattoos on their wrists (Latin for SISTERS)...

We were also there for the big royal wedding (Harry and Megan), but we didn't go to London THAT day, LOL, though we did watch it on tv (but later in the day, when we could fast forward through the boring bits, ROFLOL).  Bill went to work with our SIL for a few days, to help him with a big job he had in hand (he's self-employed), and our DD was calling me the baby whisperer before we left because Reem DN sleep a lot, but seemed to cuddle up to Nana and have a good sleep quite often... though she does have mommy's temper, and sometimes just wanted mom, no matter what!

Bill started his new job this week... but he did get a few days home before and after our trip, so he had a chance to admire all the work I got done, LOL. I have the staircase 3/4 done, as there is just some trim to put on the posts, one newel post top to attach, and a very small section of handrail and spindles (it's only about 3 spindles wide), at the very top curve of the stairs to finish... I had hoped to get it done before Bill went to work, but got side-tracked working on these blogs and newsletters, new releases, filling orders from my time away, and basically catching up (GBG), so fingers crossed for pics for next months blog.

However, I can't resist leaving you with a picture of my new love... which I am giggling about, as her mom thinks the outfit is too girly girly, but I think she's adorable!  Catch you next month...


April is fast getting away from me, so let me quickly post my blog, so I can check it off the list (wink).  Quite a busy month, with Creativ being early... but I have some MOMENTUS news to share... while we DID buy a house in Campbell River... Bill accepted a job that will put him back on a 3-week on / 3-week off schedule... which means we don't have to move (!!!), so we are now selling a house in BC, ROFLOL.  This happened the night before we set up for the Creativ in Toronto, so everyone who came to that show already heard the good news, LOL.

And we didn't forget about the house renovations here in all the excitement, as I also have my BIL working hard on the library stairs... between us we have the posts in place (him), the extra layer of wood on the treads (him), the actual flooring on the treads (a bit him, but mostly me), and the non-slip rubber bullnose in place (me)... I'm hoping that next month I can show you a pic of the hand-rails and spindles (fingers crossed).

But I haven't been idle in the kitchen either!  Changing the layout before we ordered the counter-tops left 3 wee holes drilled in my hardwood floor - RIGHT where you enter the kitchen (sigh).  To fix this it was necessary to pull the hardwood floor up in a large V, since it was all interlocked, and I finally got that done and re-laid the floor, and also put in those floor join strips at the doorways where the kitchen and library meet the diningroom.  Unfortunately, after 6 hours work, it looks like that's all I did, LOL, unless you knew the holes were there and notice they are now gone!

I also got the last faux-wall done, to form the 'fridge garage' ... you know what I mean, LOL, not an actual wall, but that board that hides the side of your fridge and holds up one end of the wee cupboard over the fridge?  I built a small space for a broom attached to that 'wall', then got my china cabinet (which is made to be built in) in place with it's back to the fridge, attaching it to the actual wall (that runs behind the fridge) on one side, and anchored to that 'faux' wall too.  Kind of hard to picture, so maybe I'll post some pics next month...

AND I got the half-wall built (sort of), that hides the counter between the kitchen and diningroom... basically I attached a piece of melamine to the back of the cupboards, that fits the back side of the width and stands about 6" taller.  I anchored additional supports on the kitchen side, wood that is attached to both the 'wall' and the countertop.  I still have to put a narrow (6" tall) piece of drywall on the kitchen side, so I can finish my backsplash tiling, and cut / sand / paint the wide board for the top of the wall, ... but it's starting to look a lot more finished (yea!). 

I'm working on month-end projects for the next few days, so won't get that done this month... but I'm hoping to get the tiling done next week, before Bill comes home (as a surprise for him - if he DN read my blog (wink))... and maybe I'll get the last of the handles on the doors of the pantries in the laundry room too... but I still have to finish crocheting a pair of SHARK BOOTIES for my new grandbaby (we leave for England on the 8th to meet her)... so lots to do in a very short time!

I'll catch you next month, and hopefully have lots of progress to report - as well as news of our trip!  L8R!


Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me... ROFLOL... yes, hard as it is to believe, yet another year has come and gone, and what an eventful year this has been!

Bill got laid off last summer, and in the fall took a new job with a mine in Campbell River, BC.  We are still waffling about a move out there, even as we're buying a house that closes in April!  Those of you coming to see me at the Creativ in a couple weeks maybe sad to know it may be my last show... Bill's not entirely happy with the company, and is actively looking for a job that will put him back on the 2-on-2-off schedule he loves, which would mean I could stay here, as he would travel to work!  We'll keep you posted on developments there...

But of course our most exciting news is the arrival of our first grandchild!  REEM AUDREY arrived in February, and we can't wait to go to England in May to meet her in person.  I was lucky enough to be Skyped from the delivery room, and saw her and our daughter just after she was born - they hadn't even weighed her yet, LOL.  We have been exchanging texts and videos almost every day since, and the little sweetheart is sure growing - though I think she may always be a tiny thing.  She has great big eyes, and her face is so expressive!

OK, enough proud grandma, what else is new?  My sister has moved into the same village we live in, so if I do move away, she will be close for our parents, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about.  She has also been coming over for a couple hours a couple nights a week, and helping me get ready for Creativ, which is a big help!

Her DH has also been coming over as he's able (he's on disability for back issues), and spending a short time working on my library stairs for me... it's taking a long time at the rate we're going, (GBG), but we might actually get them done this summer!

He also finished the two additional pantries Bill was making for the laundry room, and I got all the doors hung, and they look great, see:

I still have to put on the rest of the handles, but that will have to wait until after Creativ, as I just have too much on my plate right now... well, that's about it for this month... I'm still working on my 2017 bookkeeping, which Bill needs to finish the taxes (sigh), so I best get back to it!  Talk next month...


Greetings from beautiful BC!  No, LOL, I haven't moved yet... but it's getting closer... we bought a house last week - which closes in April.  But I still have to get our house in Ontario finished up, and then we have to decide if we're going to rent or sell, LOL.

But right now, I am out visiting Bill, though he's at work each day, we had a very nice weekend - sunny days even!  On Saturday our agent arranged for me to see the house, so now I'm not buying it sight-unseen (GBG).  We went and had a cup of tea after (well, Bill had coffee), and we laid out the things we want to do right away.  We set our budget, and have pretty much figured out what order we want to do things in.

So, that's one major thing going on.  I think I mentioned our youngest is expecting our first grandbaby... we know it's going to be a girl, so we're quite excited!  She's due any time now, which is another thing that is keeping us on our toes.

Aside from that, I have the Creativ coming up in April, and I'm trying to get a lecture and in-booth activity together for that - always a lot to do, and not enough time!

On our home renovations, I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with the doors on the corner cabinet (the one that sits on the counter and rises to the ceiling).  The edges of the front faced the wrong way for the cabinet doors, and I had to add a triangle strip to the face, to turn the edges around the corner, so the hinges faced the right way.  Kind of hard to describe, LOL, but here's how they came out - I even did the door handles (ignore the green paint tape, LOL)!


 So that's one thing done in the kitchen... and we're working on the stairs too... I started working on the posts for the stairs as well... when I get home we'll start working on the spindles and handrails - I may be able to show you those next month (wink)... until then...


OMG, so much is happening around here, LOL.  OK, well I told you my DH took a new job and that we might be moving... looks like that is becoming more definite, as we put an offer in on a house out there!  We'll know this week if all conditions are waived, and the sale is final, so fingers crossed and say a prayer, (GBG).

But that means we have to get this house in shape, so I've hired a couple guys to do some of the jobs Bill never got a chance to finish... so far they have added a layer of wood to the library stairs (to raise them the same thickness as the floor), and once they finish adding some side pieces, I'll do the same laminate flooring as the library, all the way up the stairs, with L-shaped rubber guards on the front edge, so they aren't slippery.  I did the stairs at the rental property we sold in December the same way, and it looks kind of neat.

We had some gorgeous days, so I had them cut that melamine covered sheet board pieces that we need for several projects - the 'corral' for the fridge; 2 pantries for the laundry room; the half-wall in the kitchen; the top of the bookshelf railing on the balcony... and they've already got one of the laundry room pantries assembled!

I want to use up the leftover laminate flooring I have, and finish the bedrooms upstairs, with a high-end look.  I don't have enough of the lighter wood to do either room completely ... but I have a whole lot of a contrasting dark wood, and I think I can do a border around both bedrooms, and fill the laminate in the middle, which will look very good, if I do a good job, LOL.  I'm hoping there's enough of the dark wood to do the floor of the walk-in closet as well, so fingers crossed!

But all that will have to wait until I get back home, as I am set to head out to BC in a week or so, and spend some time with my sweetie - and see our new home, and check out the area where we'll be living!  Bill's been back in BC since a couple days after Christmas, and even though we talk several times a day, it's not the same as being together, so I'm quite looking forward to our visit.  Come back next  month, and I'll let you know if we got the house for sure (wink).  Have a great year until then... and happy stitching!

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